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Scheduling a water demonstration will help speed up the researching process. What would normally take you 5-10 hours of tedious research, we consolidate into 45 minutes to an hour. We explain how hardness will affect your water bearing appliances, plumbing, contaminants, and all the hidden water costs that you are currently spending. Keep in mind this is the water that your family will be consuming. It is not like you are shopping for a lawn mower. Our units use some of the best technology in the water filtration sector and the best part is, you will only need to purchase it once in your lifetime because we offer Lifetime Manufacturer Guarantees Nationwide, saving you $1000’s!

Okay, what are these tests and what do they measure?

First on our list is the Hardness Test.
Hardness is usually expressed in grains per gallon as calcium carbonate equivalent. As hard as our municipalities try, most fall short of fully removing all the dissolved compounds of calcium & magnesium that cause water spots, stains, and build-up in your plumbing and water-using appliances, such as your water heater.

The Water Quality Association “WQA” has created a scale from 0-10 to help determine the level of hardness.

Soft Water    0-1 grains/gal

Slightly hard Water    1-3.5 grains/gal

Moderately hard Water    3.5 – 7.0 grains/gal

Hard Water    7.0 – 10.5 grains/gal

Extremely Hard Water     10+ grains/gal

Even 2-3 Grains of hardness can wreak havoc on our homes.

Chlorines, Ammonia & Chloramines

Chlorines and chloramines are commonly used by city municipalities to ensure there is no bacteria or other living organisms in the water that they deliver to your home. While some areas contain merely traces, other areas contain higher levels of these chemicals. Some areas even have higher levels than your swimming pool water! These chemicals cause a potential risk to our long-term health, and it falls on the homeowner to remove them from their homes.

We use a standard pool kit to measure the chlorine levels.


Anything in the water that is not water is also called precipitation. This test reveals the dissolved solids in your water. It could be micro sediments, agricultural waste or industrial compounds from the groundwater, or iron or rust particles from the pipes. This is a fun demonstration to make what was invisible, visible. Children tend to love this test! They can see the “stuff” trapped in the water that normally cannot be seen by the naked eye.

pH and Alkaline

It’s all the hype, it seems like every celebrity is rocking the latest bottle water brand with a higher pH/Alkaline level. Instead of spending $1000s/year buying these bottled water products, why not produce high quality water in your own home.

We use a pH solution to measure alkalinity.

Wasted Soap

How much soap and detergent are you wasting because of hard water? This test demonstrates how much soap it currently takes to achieve suds and lather, versus how much would be required if you had clean, soft water.

We use a potassium soap free of water softening chemicals and detergents.

The Extra Mile

We also include the local township or municipality water test, as well. These reports contain important information on levels of known contaminants in your area. With the help of the Environmental Working Group “EWG”, we explain what those contaminants in your water quality mean for your home and health.

Why choose Tetra Water to test my water?

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Tetra Water is a Member of the Water Quality Association “WQA” and the Texas Water Quality Association “TWQA”. We are actual Water Treatment Experts! Tetra Water passionately believes that quality water is important for your family’s safety and health.We staff fully licensed, insured, and trained Water Filtration Technicians to install, maintain and service our Water Softening Systems. At our core is exceptional customer service, employing actual human staff ready to answer your phone calls.

Schedule a water demonstration

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