About Our Puronics® Water Products

Puronics® is recognized as the leading water treatment equipment manufacturer in Livermore, California. Their systems are designed to soften, filter, and condition water throughout a user’s home or workplace. A single system can consist of a tank with multiple layers of media, e.g., specialized gravel, ion exchange resin, and activated carbon.

Advantage of Owning Puronics® Water Softener and Filtration Systems

Water that is softened and filtered via Puronics® systems simply taste better. Homeowners can enjoy making better tasting food and beverages on a daily basis. Due to the absence of chlorine and other hard minerals, you can achieve softer and silkier skin and hair just by using filtered water. These elements do not only cause problems for us. They are known to damage pipes and appliances, e.g., drying out rubber-based seals and increasing the frequency of replacements. Owners will experience less scale and scum buildup. This means that they do not need to get expensive cleaning products or a lot of soap/detergent to clean dishes, sinks, shower heads, and other common household fixtures. High-quality systems can last decades and save you money throughout its service lifespan.

Why Should You Purchase A Puronics® Systems from Tetra Water?

Tetra Water is an authorized independent dealer of Puronics® systems. We are members of the Water Quality Association (WQA), Texas Water Quality Association (TWQA), and our technicians are TCEQ certified. Our water treatment specialists are trained in all aspects of the brand’s products and can assist you in selecting the right water system for your needs. Both Tetra Water and Puronics® stand behind every system and are always ready to answer any questions you may have.

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