Residents of Temple, Texas, are often exposed to contaminated water without their knowledge. While most people assume that the water in their homes is safe to drink, the reality is that it may contain contaminants that pass through the treatment plants. Some of these contaminants include the chemicals that are used to treat the water. Chemicals such as chlorine can affect the health of your family as well as alter the taste of water. Tetra Water offers excellent water filtration and softening solutions designed to ensure that you enjoy the purest water. Our water filters use the latest technology and will provide filtered water to your family for years to come.

About the Water Quality in Temple, TX

When it comes to drinking water in Temple, Texas, a study found that water in the city has moderate to high levels of contaminants such as Bromoform, Chlorite, and Chromium. The water that is used by the residents comes from Leon River and is treated at a water treatment plant before being pumped into the city. Part of the reason why the water would have such high levels of contaminants is that surface water collects all kinds of contaminants as it moves across the land. These contaminants include minerals that make the water hard.

Chlorine and other chemicals that are used in the treatment plants also contribute to the contamination, the net result being that families who consume this water might be putting their health at risk.