At Tetra Water, we understand that you want to give your family the best. This is the reason why our water softening and purification systems have always been popular with residents of San Antonio, TX. Our water filtration products ensure that harmful contaminants and minerals are removed from the water. This not only leads to better health outcomes for your family but softening your water helps to protect your plumbing from scum and other effects of hard water. Give us a call today and see the difference that we can make in your water supply.
San Antonio

About the Water Quality in San Antonio, TX

Residents of San Antonio, TX, typically get their water from the Edwards Aquifer which is treated and supplied to their homes. While most harmful contaminants are removed during the treatment process, there are still harmful elements that have been found in the water supply in the city. They include Bromodichloromethane, Chloroform as well as Bromoform. In addition to these contaminants, there is also the fact that the water contains naturally-occurring minerals that make the water hard. These minerals alter the taste of the water and make it difficult to use for laundry or other chores.