Leander residents trust Tetra Water to deliver quality water softening and filtration systems to them. We take our time to understand your water needs before suggesting a water purification system that works for you. Many people know that the water in our taps may not be 100% pure but they may not know what alternatives exist. With our PURONICS water filtration products, you can be sure that harmful minerals and contaminants will be removed from your water. This means that the water tastes better and is easier to use around the house for chores such as laundry and cleaning.

About the Water Quality in Leander, TX

Residents of Leander, Texas, get their water from Lake Travis, a lake located near the City of Austin. Like all surface water, this water is susceptible to all kinds of contaminants, especially given that it lies very close to a major city. Some of the contamination risks include acid rain, which occurs when rainwater mixes with soot and other chemicals from industrial processes and is then leached to the ground. Eventually, these contaminants find their way into water bodies such as Lake Travis. Despite the fact that all water used in the City of Leander is treated, some of these contaminants will still find their way into your tap water.

Studies have found contaminants such as Barium, Fluoride, and Chlorate in water samples from the city. While these exist in small amounts, it is in your interest to protect yourself from these contaminants as they may eventually have long term effects on your health.