Many people in Lakeway, TX understand that the water they drink and use in the house may not be of the best quality. However, they may not know what to do about it. When it comes to getting pure water for home and commercial use, Tetra Water can help. Our water softening and filtration systems use the most advanced technology to ensure that all harmful contaminants are removed from the water. We use PURONICS water treatment and filtration systems which ensure that you have clean and soft water throughout your home.

About the Water Quality in Lakeway, TX

Residents of Lakeway, Texas get their water from surface water sources, primarily, Lake Travis. While the water does undergo various treatment processes, there is a likelihood that some contaminants still find their way into the water system. This is because surface water is susceptible to all manner of contaminants. For example, rainwater is known to mix with contaminants in the air (soot from industrial sites for example) and this mixture comes down as acid rain. Eventually, the contaminated water finds its way to water sources. The use of bottled water is not a good alternative either as there are harmful aspects that are associated with plastic packaging.