When it comes to getting pure and refreshing water for your family, you can trust Tetra Water to deliver excellence with our PURONICS water treatment and filtration systems. Many families in Jarrell, Texas may not realize that the water they consume in their homes is contaminated and may have minerals that make it 'hard'. The result is that the water may not taste as good as it should. It also means that when it is used for washing and cleaning, you have to use far more soap than you need to. With our water softening and filtration system, that is a thing of the past as we ensure all contaminants are removed from your water. Talk to our experts today about how our water filtration systems can transform the water that you use in your home or office.

About the Water Quality in Jarrell, TX

The City of Jarrell obtains most of its water from underground aquifers such as the Edwards Aquifer. Another source of water for the city is surface water from Lake Stillhouse Hollow. These two sources of water have been found to be susceptible to water contaminants due to industrial drilling and farms near the city. Some of the contaminants in the water include Barium, Nitrates, and Cyanide. Although these elements exist in trace amounts, they are still unhealthy to consume and it makes a lot of sense to use a water softening and purifying filter to ensure that your water is pure.

Apart from these contaminants, surface water bodies such as Lake Stillhouse Hollow may have minerals that are introduced into the lake by the various tributaries that feed into it. These minerals are naturally occurring and are picked up by the tributaries as it moves over the land.