Many people in Dripping Springs, TX, do not realize that their water may contain harmful contaminants that may affect their health. While water suppliers are required by the law to purify their water, the reality is that many contaminants still get through. The other common problem is that the chemicals that are used to purify the water also affect the taste of the water, which means that you do not get the optimal taste of pure freshwater when you drink the water in your home. There is an easy solution to this and it comes in the form of Tetra Water.

Our excellent filtration system means that all these contaminants and chemicals are removed from your water. Not only does your water taste better but you eliminate all the problems associated with hard water. Call us today for an assessment and a quote.
Dripping Springs

About the Water Quality in Dripping Springs, TX

In 2018, residents of Dripping Springs, TX, protested the decision by the city administration to pump wastewater into Onion Creek. This was because they believed the wastewater could find its way into the various aquifers that supply residents with water such as the Trinity Aquifer. The matter was made worse when residents began to report that the water in their homes had turned pink due to traces of a dye used to trace the link between surface water and the aquifers. This study proved that the residents had been right all along. While the issue was eventually resolved, it was a powerful reminder of how vulnerable water sources in the city were to all kinds of contaminants.