girl drinking water

Research shows that thousands of prescription medicines are present in water. Much of it comes from pharmaceutical plants, and it has an adverse effect on both humans and animals that are exposed to it. This, along with heavy metals and other contaminants, is why owning a quality water filter is so important.

Why Is There Such A Big Price Difference?

First time filter shoppers will notice that the price differences between models can be substantial. This is largely due to the green technology that is utilized. The lowest priced filters tend to be devoid of the most advanced technologies, which limit their ability to filter or purify your water.

Basic filters will primarily remove contaminants which influence smell or taste, making your water pleasant to drink. Mid ranged models are more advanced, and will reduce the number of contaminants including some organic substances like bacteria. The most advanced (and expensive) models use multiple stages of filtration, and might even include alkaline so that your water has the correct PH balance. High end filters also make the water softer by incorporating tech that can handle calcium and magnesium without completely removing them.

How Does Our Water Compare?

It’s well known that traveling to developed countries with poor drinking tap water is extremely dangerous. Research shows that the number of contaminants in water has continued to increase, even in developed countries. In these environments having a high-quality filter is not an option; it is a necessity. Even in the United States, several unpleasant elements have been found in water, including antibiotics, human/animal hormones, pharmaceuticals, industrial detergents and compounds which disrupt the endocrine system.

How can we solve it?

Reverse Osmosis
In the past, reverse osmosis was very expensive, but advances in technology have lowered the price significantly. It uses seven to ten stages of purification and comes complete with pre filters, post filters and an RO membrane. Most RO systems come with pumps that greatly increase the performance and speed of the system, with some models capable of producing seventy five gallons of water which is purified in one day, enough to nourish a large family or small community.

There isn’t a right or wrong answer when it comes to the level of filtration needed for one’s home. It really depends on the exact needs of the family, the amount of water that’ll be used, and the level of filtration needed. In our experience, once all the information is provided, most families want an extra degree of protection. Which is why our water specialist will take the time to properly educate, evaluate and help solve each unique situation.