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PURONICS A Brilliantly Simple Solution

Our water specialists put their best thinking into engineering the highest quality to bring families like yours the cleanest water. That’s why millions of people around the USA look to Puronics for their water treatment needs.


in estimated energy savings* by using softened cool water to wash clothes*Water Quality Research Foundation/Batelle Memorial Institute


in reduced detergent costs* when washing laundry, hair and body in soft water*Water Quality Research Foundation/Scientific Services S/D Inc.


more out of your water-using appliances* when water contaminants are filtered out.*American Water Works Association

Eliminate The Need For Bottled Water

in 2017, per capita costs on bottled water soared to $229 for a family of four. Over 18 billion plastic bottles are used each year in the US.

Doctors Recommend Drinking 6-8 Glasses Per Day

drinking, cooking & maintaining a healthy body, your family must not settle for anything less than high quality water.

Did We Mention Softer Skin & Silkier Hair

imagine luxurious bubble baths with just soap minus water softening agents. You'll experience clean, smooth shaves, & longer lasting razor blades.

Our numbers do the talking

1,000,000 +

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92 %

percent of Puronics customers are extremely satisfied with their Puronics system.

Our work isn't complete until you are satisfied

A Cut Above The Rest

The corrosion-resistant iGen® control valve and multi-layered tank wrapped in stainless steel will ensure that your family enjoys the benefits...

Space Saving Systems

Puronics offers an array of systems designed for any space.


Congratulations, you are ahead of the curve, and decided to get your home outfitted with a loop for water filtration....

Difficult Installs

You’ve made it to your home. You have planned every detail up until this point. You remember asking your builder...
Tetra Water system provides superior water.

Drinking Water System

Produce crystal clear, clean, great-tasting water to ensure maximum protection for your peace of mind that fits easily under any...
Dishwasher salt for regenerating the water softener


iGen® intelligent digital microprocessor controls system operations Maintains 60 days of water usage history to maximize backflush/recharge efficiency Double backwash...

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